Agile Testing And Its Methodology

Posted By Ankita Sachan | 30-Jun-2018

What is Agile Methodology?

AGILE Methodology is best practice for continuous iteration of development and testing of any Application.both development cycle and testing cycle parrallerly works in which requirement evolve through the client and development team.agile is very different to waterfall and others software development methodology.

Agile software methodology has three core values:

  • Teamwork or Team interaction is Important.
  • Working application with proper documentation.
  • Responding to change over following an application development plan

Advantages of Agile Testing:

  • Using Agile Testing we Save Time and Money
  • Less Documentation required
  • Daily basis status call from the end user
  • Daily stand up call helps to resolve issues on daily basis.

Principles of Agile Testing:

  •  Everyone can test application: In conventional SDLC model only testing team can test the application but in agile BA and another person can test application.
  •  Testing is NOT phased: In agile we continuous test the application it's not the other phase.
  •  Testing moves the application forward
  •  Reduced Test Documentation: In conventional SDLC model tester create very lengthy documents but agile overcome this problem they used an only reusable checklist.
  •  clean code.

Main things in Agile Methodology are listed below:

  • Scrum
  • Crystal Methodology
  • Dynamic software development method.
  • Lean Development
  • Feature driven development
  • Extream programming

Scrum:Scrum is the main part of agile methodology and in which we manage tasks based on the development team and environment.basically scrum word derived from the rugby match. basically, the scrum team size is 7-9 peoples.
scrum consists of 3 main roles:
1.Scrum master
2.product owner 
3.scrum team

1.Scrum master: scrum master is the person whose is responsible for setting up the team and sprint meetings or status call and resolves status call issues. mostly scrum master is from the client side.
2. Product owner: The product owner is the person whose is responsible for creating products backlogs, prioritizes the backlogs issues and responsible for the delivery of functionality is proper or as per sprint requirement.
3.Scrum Team: Team manages its own work and organize the work to complete the sprint.

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