Accesiablity testing

Posted By Manish Kumar | 29-Sep-2017

We all are using different types of applications in our daily life for the different perspective, it may be social networking like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, hike, happen etc. or it may be our banking sites from different places or e-Wallets or games applications which ease our life, provide comfort us and are the ways of entertainment.


But almost all applications have the targeted audience of the people who are not disabilities, but many of the organizations are working on the applications which can also be used by the disabled peoples.


But for testing all these applications normal testing technique is not only the requirements, testers need to test these as the end users will use it, like a deaf or as a blind or as a dumb. this kind of testing is specially named in the testing world as "Accessibility testing"


Accessibility testing is a smaller part of the usability testing, In this, we cover all the users with different abilities and disabilities, we basically do accessibility testing to verify both the usability and accessibility.

Accessibility aims to cover people of different abilities such as:    

1. Visual Disability: In this kind, we focus our application on the blind peoples such that they can access our product and comfort themselves for accessing of different items. 
2. Physical Disability: In this kind, we focus that our application is flexible in use so that a variety of user can be accommodated for its use.

3. Hearing Disability: Deaf people are focused such that by using different signs and his responses one can communicate with our application so that his or her specific need can be fulfilled.


Similarly, for different types of disabilities, we test the devices dedicated or a flexible testing is done so that people with different disabilities can use the same application. 

A good web application should cover all the sets of the people and not just limited to disabled people. These include:

  1. Users with poor communications

  2. Older people and new users, who are often computer illiterate

  3. Users using old system 

  4. Users, who are using restricted access system




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