AI Will Dominate The Mobile Market In 2019

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 23-Aug-2018

Role of AI in Mobile Technology

If we have a look back at the last few years, AI has completely transformed the world around us. Believe it or not, AI is everywhere. The Mobile apps you use, the e-commerce websites, the email clients, the messaging applications, all are influenced by Artificial Intelligence one way or another. And while initially, it was devised to be used in Robotics, the latter has come a long way ahead, into the future.


As a matter of fact, AI is a very broad field and it has given birth to many standalone technologies like Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Intelligence, Statistical Learning etc. With all these technologies under its belt, Artificial Intelligence has made its effect felt across all major industries.


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Impact of AI On Mobile Technology

Over the years, AI has been a part of all major technological advancements happened in Mobile technology and all smartphones users are currently leveraging this technology in one way or another. For example, all Chatbots that you come across on different websites and mobile apps are powered by AI. All search experiences on Google and e-Commerce apps are powered by AI. AI is the key technology used in re-marketing and Predictive Analytics. All recommendation engines are dependent on Artificial Intelligence. All IoT devices are influenced by AI.


So, it won’t be irrelevant to say that the mobile industry is pretty much dependent on AI for most of its functions. And soon enough, AI will dominate the whole Mobile market with its state-of-the-art aspects and use cases.


How AI Will Revamp The Mobile Experiences?

Studies reveal that there has been a drastic incline in mass interest toward Artificial Intelligence and people are investing their money in this cutting-edge technology. Apart from that, every other mobile application is getting AI integration these days, making it (AI) a requisite need for mobile industry.


A large number of mobile applications that we use today are backed by Artificial Intelligence and the number is rising every passing day. For example, the world’s largest cab services chain, Uber is using automated reasoning to help decide the best route for the drivers. Google Maps is using the same technique to find you the shortest route while you are navigating through a specific location. Then there are all sorts of e-commerce apps that are using AI-based recommendation engines to provide you a list of recommended products that best suit your choices and preferences.


Seeing all this progress of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile technology, it seems evident that AI has a bright future in the mobile industry and it is very likely to dominate the worldwide mobile market in 2019.

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