A New Web Browser For iOS Supported Devices

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 15-Nov-2018

iCab Mobile Web Browser

It’s been quite a long time since you are using the same old web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox and there hasn’t been a new addition in years. Of course, all these browsers are pretty good in their own way and once you get used to one these in particular, you won’t really like to use any other. But maybe it’s time to try something new. Because if you won’t, then how will you know, right? Plus, you should not mind getting  more flexibility with your browser, more options, better personalization, custom features and enhanced settings. If you are looking for all these things, then you must try this new browser for iOS devices called iCab.


Popularly known as iCab Mobile, this new browser offers an array of features and dozens of new options to enhance your browsing experience like never before.

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The Interface

In spite of dozens of tightly integrated features and extensive range of options, the app is lightweight and offers a smooth navigation across different menus. When you first launch the app on your iOS powered smart device, you might first get surprised seeing the number of buttons at the bottom. There are nine button in total and each button gives you access to some unique features so you can perform different actions within the app. Let’s have a look at functions of each of these buttons:


Action Menu

This button gives you access to the options like Add a page to bookmarks, add to Today Widget, add page to QuickStarter etc. It also helps you enter dark mode, private mode, take screenshots and much more.


Personal Data

This button helps you open saved bookmarks, launch Quickstarter, Today Widgets, browsing history, reading list etc.


Reading List

There’s also a separate tab for Reading List where you can add new pages to the reading list or retrieve the previously saved pages.



Here you view and manage all your active and inactive tabs.


Full Screen

It allows you to browse all windows in full screen mode with minimal interference.  



It’s a shortcut button that bundles all the web modules such as Pocket, Buffer, Reader Mode, Facebook and Amazon Wishlists etc.



Manage your downloaded files and documents. You can also monitor the ongoing download processes with pause, resume, stop and delete options.  


Dark Mode

Although you can enter dark mode through Action menu as well, this is just a shortcut button which lets you perform the same action more quickly.



Like in every other web browser, it takes you to the Browser Settings where a new screen is displayed with account information and different types of options to change browser settings.

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Some Key Features

The iCab Mobile app offers a series of cutting-edge features but there are some that you won’t find in any other web browser. Some of these features are listed below.


Apple Watch Remote Control

This is perhaps the most amazing feature that iCab has to offer. With an active support for the Apple Watch series, you can access the app on your Apple Watch with the same UI and same options that are shown on the iPhone or iPad. Yet another fascinating feature you get with your Apple Watch is that you can enable speech output doing which you can listen to the content on a web page.



Custom Filters

With iCab Mobile, you can add filters for various tasks like App Store links, ads, analytics and whitelists to improve your browsing experience.  



Fill Out Forms

The app also lets you save your important forms so you can retrieve them later. You can view your saved forms in the app Settings or even password protect them if need be.

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