A Brief Introduction of ETL Testing

Posted By Himanshu Shukla | 30-Dec-2018

What is ETL:

ETL stands for Extract Transform Load and ETL is a process of how we load data from the system to the data warehouse and here data is extracted from an OLTP database and transformed to match the data warehouse schema and its loaded into the data warehouse DB. Many data warehouses also incorporate data from non-OLTP systems such as text files and spreadsheets.

The Roadmap of the ETL process:



1.Extract: In this process, we Extract relevant Data.
2.Transform: In this process transfer data to Dataware house format and after the data is extracted it will move into the next phase i.e cleaning of data.
3.Load: In this process, we load data into Data warehouse.

What is ETL Testing:

In ETL testing is done to ensure that the data has been loaded from source to destination after when a business transformation is accurate.its also involves in the verification of data at middle stages that are being used between source and destination.

What is ETL testing Process:

ETL testing is performed in five stages.
1.identifying data sources and requirements.
2.Data Acquisition
3.implement business logics and dimensional modeling
4.Build and populate data
5.Build Reports

Types of ETL testing:

1.Production validation Testing
2.Source to Target testing
3.Metadata Testing
4.data Completeness Testing
5.Data Accuracy Testing
6.Data Transformation Testing
7.Data Quality Testing
8.Navigation Testing

Types of ETL bugs:



1. User interface bugs/cosmetic bugs-this type of bugs related to GUI of application, font size, colors, navigation and so on.
2. Boundary value analysis bugs-minimum and maximum bugs.
3. Input/output bugs-this type of bugs related to valid values are not accepted and invalid values accepted.
4. Calculation Bugs-this type of bugs related to mathematical errors and final output is wrong
5. Race condition bugs-this type of bugs related to System crash and hand and system can't run client platform.
6. Help source bugs-this type of bugs related to mistakes in help documents.

Responsibilities of an ETL tester

1.Test ETL software
2.Data transfer and Test flat file.
3.Approve requirements and design 
4.Test components of the data-driven test.
5.execute backend data-driven test.


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