A Brief Introduction To Vis In angularJs

Posted By Puneet Sharma | 30-May-2018


Timeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize data on time. Information things can be on a similar date, or there might be a begin and end date (a class). You can without much of a stretch move and zoom occasionally by dragging and looking in the timetable. Things can be made, altered, and erased in the course of events, the time estimate on the hub is naturally balanced, and underpins the scales from millisecond to year.


The timeline uses regular HTML DOM to render timelines and items placed on the timeline, allowing for flexible customization using this CSS style.


Install or download the vis.js library in your project's subfolders Include Library's script and CSS files in the head of your HTML code:

<script src="vis/dist/vis.js"></script>

<link href="vis/dist/vis.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


The timeline is a construtor of the Timeline

                var timeline = new vis.Timeline(container, items, options);



                var items = new vis.DataSet([
    			start: new Date(2010, 7, 15),
    			end: new Date(2010, 8, 2),  // end is optional
    			content: 'Trajectory A'
    			// Optional: fields 'id', 'type', 'group', 'className', 'style'
  		// more items...




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