6 Ways to Create a Strong Mobile Strategy for your Business

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 27-Feb-2019

Create Strong Mobile Strategy

Mobile Applications are affecting the future of business. Creating a strong mobile strategy for your business is essential for its growth. Let’s Know-how!  


Browsing a website to collect information on a particular subject has gone totally out of trends. With technological advancements, smartphones have gained huge popularity. In the eMarketer research, it was published that smartphone users spend 2 hours 11 min a day using mobile apps and only 26 minutes browsing the web on their mobile browser.


Various industries have understood the importance of mobile applications, therefore, they are planning to opt for a mobile strategy that can help businesses grow.


Creating a mobile strategy is more brainstorming than creating a mobile app. Let's look at some of the mobile strategies that can help a business grow. :


Performance is the Key


In one of the studies, it was concluded that mobile users expect an application to load within 3 seconds. If an app performs slower, then the chances of losing the customers would be higher.  Businesses willing to survive in the market should upgrade their apps with a framework that offers smooth operations and high performance. It is important to ensure that a company's mobile app runs as smooth as it runs on a desktop.


Identify the User


Companies should understand their target audiences and accordingly plan strategies for mobile app development. Companies should clearly tell app developers about targeted audiences. For eg: a dating app can be more popular amongst the youngsters, therefore, the outlook decided for designing a dating app should be more bright, colorful and feature loaded.


Understand your Competitors


One of the most highlighted issues that concern the mobile app development companies today is analyzing who all are the existing competitors in that niche. The app store already contains a wide variety of apps. It becomes important to analyze the competitors’ weakness and strength. It is essential to understand the shortcomings of the competitor's app and understand what they are not doing at all. After a complete analysis, companies can ask their developers to add features that are missing in their competitor's app.


Plan a Great UI/UX Design


Design of a mobile application should be interactive. It should be able to communicate with the audiences so that users stay glued to the app for long. Whenever a particular app is designed, it is the responsibility of developers that they prepare a help desk column. The help desk will allow customers to interact with the customer service executive in case of a query. Quick and on time resolution of queries helps businesses gain the trust of their customers. It also helps them maintain a lasting relationship with the customers.


Select an Appropriate app Development Methodology


Whenever a developer designs an application, he needs to know the methodology he will be selecting. Agile and waterfall are two application development methodologies used by applications developers.


In waterfall methodology, software developers decide parameters for app development and start developing it step by step.


In the case of Agile Methodology, developers work on all the sections together, so that even if a strategy fails to integrate with a particular setup, it can be easily changed from where it was started.


Developing an application is a crucial process and mobile app developers have to face downtime because some ingredients of app development integrate while some do not. Planning strategies for the mobile application help businesses overcome the shortcomings they are facing.


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