5 Useful Tools for UI Developers

Posted By : Prince Kumar | 30-May-2018

Frontend development is one of the main aspects of any web-development project. Anything that a user sees on a computer within the web application is the part of the frontend. The backend functionalities work in accordance with the frontend elements when incorporated into an application.

Here, I list out some of the frontend tools that are widely used in frontend development process.


Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome, a browser-based Developer Tool allows you to perform several operations such as inspecting code elements and playing around them. Moreover, a palette of network tools is helpful in optimizing the loading issues, and the timeline is helpful in visualizing what the browser is doing at any time.

The good thing about this tool is that Google releases updates every six weeks ensuring you get up-to-date features.


Sublime Text

A popular code-editor which is a well-designed, highly efficient, and has fast interfaces. Among all similar tools, this one is very popular considering its speed and interface.

It allows a vast number of keyboard shortcuts that make is very user-friendly. Moreover, it is possible to simultaneously edit multiple areas and navigate to files, symbols, and lines. These minute usability factors make sublime text one of the best code editors out there saving a bunch of time.



JavaScript is an essential front-end language for developers, however, one needs to deal with some problems while working on it such as browser inconsistencies etc.

To battle out this problem, in 2006, jQuery a really fast, light, and cross-platform JavaScript library was introduced that simplified a number of processes used in JavaScript. jQuery offers greater options for using animations, adding plugins, as well as for navigating to documents.

With over 65% of websites using jQuery, it is one of the highest used JavaScript plugins out there.

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