5 Signs your E Commerce Business needs an ERP solution

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 21-May-2019

Signs your E-commerce Business Needs ERP Solution

ERP technologies improve business processes leading to better management, productivity, and efficiency. They integrate critical business functions like HR, supply chain, procurement, and manufacturing into a single system. Growing organizations need to implement ERP systems to boost the scale of their operations.


The ability of a business to thrive in a competitive environment depends on the effectiveness of its ERP system. It enhances productivity, effectiveness, and agility. Leading businesses from banking, retail, steel, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, and engineering use ERP systems for the multiple benefits they provide.


While big industry players reap ERP benefits, small and medium businesses cannot avail them due to insufficient technical support and funds. That being said, several economical and easy-to-deploy alternatives are available now for small and medium enterprises.

We, at Oodles technologies, provide cost-effective custom ERP solutions development services to fulfill your unique business requirements. We business leaders to make informed decisions by generating essential business insights and creating an intuitive ERP user interface.

                                Benefits of ERP solutions

Let’s explore the challenges that ERP systems can address -


Unmanageable Data

Small-scale businesses generate large chunks of data which can be difficult to manage. Limited resources make data processing tasks confusing, tedious and time-consuming. ERP systems enable businesses to manage data and eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and processes.


Restricted Interaction with Teams

Lack of coordination inhibits business productivity. ERP solutions bridge the gap between personnel spread across different teams and locations. They make database and applications movable, enabling team members to interact with each other anytime and anywhere to accomplish tasks.


Improper Inventory Management

Small e-commerce businesses face challenges in being in sync with suppliers. It creates inefficiencies in keeping track of quantities of goods sold and available stock. Deploying inventory ERP software helps businesses index their data, allowing them to maintain sufficient stock to ensure customer satisfaction.


Unsatisfied Customers

Achieving customer satisfaction is essential for business success. Small businesses with unorganized processes fail to address customer needs, resulting in losing their trust. ERP solutions can organize customer interactions and their orders to enable e-commerce businesses to address customer concerns and complaints effectively.  


Limited Department Collaboration

Collaboration between different organizational departments is essential for accomplishing business goals. Limited access to organizational data prevents all departments from improving processes and enhancing new product development efforts. ERP systems can collate data from all departments to create a conducive environment for innovations. The possibilities include 24*7 availability of systems for better shipment tracking, multilingual support, and currency support.    


Are you planning to integrate ERP solutions to your business processes?  We are an India based ERP development company that has a team of ERP experts who develop solutions using open source technologies. We enable businesses to implement the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Our ERP solutions facilitate coordination between separate departments to meet the organization’s emerging challenges. The aim of our ERP development services is to improve customer loyalty and build long-term relationships.






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