5 AR Apps You Should Try

Posted By : Abhinav Srivastava | 29-Dec-2020

Augmented reality is one of the most innovative technologies which is revolutionizing human lives.


Augmented Reality Development


Leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, & Facebook, are continuously testing new AR-related features. Nowadays, users can experience several augmented reality applications on their smartphones. Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit are two mobile AR technologies to empower users’ devices to render augmented reality features. As an augmented reality app development company, we have put together a list of AR apps you should check out. 




This app lets you try tattoo designs on your skin before it is engraved forever. The app uses augmented reality to superimpose a tattoo’s image on the users’ body part. The USP of this application is that people can check any design they like on their favorite body part at any angle.


Since the app uses augmented reality, it becomes quite visible for users to get a clearer picture of how a particular tattoo would appear to be.


BBC Civilisations AR


A unique app with AR at its core that brings users closer to art and culture. A collaboration between BBC, Nexus Studios, and more than 30 museums from across the UK. The app uses AR technology that lets users discover the treasures of history. The superimposed image will look real and to-scale of the original artifact. History lovers can have a good time using this app and satiating their curiosity about ancient Egypt or renaissance masterpieces.


It is advisable to use this app in a safe environment and not while walking or driving outside. As most of us are always in awe of history, the app can be a real deal.


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Horizon Explorer AR


Globetrotters will love this app. Horizon explorers AR uses augmented reality to tell not only about the nearby landmarks but many more details. Aim your camera at any landmark visible on the horizon to know about it. Be it a mountain peak, road, building, lakes, or even an airplane. When there is a landmark in sight, take out your phone and aim towards it with your camera, you will get its:


  1. Name, 
  2. Distance from you, 
  3. Its altitude (both actual and relative), 
  4. A map of the surrounding area, 
  5. Nearby towns and cities, and 
  6. Wikipedia information if the landmark has a Wikipedia page.

When you enable Planes in the settings menu and point at a plane, you get information such as flight number, origin, destination, current airspeed, and altitude. 


This app is one of its kind and will enhance its performance and results in the future.


TeamViewer Pilot


An extraordinary augmented reality application that provides remote assistance to solve real-world problems. You can use this application to seek remote support from experts if there are any issues with equipment, machinery, or infrastructure. The feature of 3D annotations adds to the ease of problem-solving through the app as the experts can see and mark using 3D markers.


So the next time you are dealing with any issues related to your equipment or infrastructure, you know which app to use.


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IKEA Place


After talking about apps using ARCore, it is time to turn head towards ARKit. We all know about IKEA and what it does. The company has an augmented reality furnishing app, IKEA Place, to help users visualize its products in their living spaces. The app has a collection of over 2000 IKEA products. Users have the opportunity to try anything from a cabinet to a minimalist lamp.


The in-built AR technology working on top of Apple’s ARKit enables users to furnish their homes like never before.


AR App Development


Now that you have learned about some of the leading AR apps you can try on your smartphone, it is time to know a bit about their development. Augmented reality and its applications can have a profound impact on both businesses and individuals alike. Before developing an app, every mobile app development company goes through a checklist. At Oodles, we have this practice to deliver the desired results.


Since AR applications are advance and require a high level of understanding, it is essential to keep its user interface interactive. In addition to it, the tech stack, the features to be included, and the target audience are also significant. Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit are enabling developers to create new AR experiences. We understand that, and hence, our development team carefully analyzes every aspect of the application development process.


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