5 Reasons To Get Excited About iOS 12

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 31-Jul-2018

5 Reasons To Get Excited About iOS 12

This year’s most anticipated Mobile OS release, iOS 12 is just around the corner. The 12th major release of Apple’s famous Mobile Operating System will roll out to all the supported devices this fall, in the month of September. However, it has already created a lot of buzz lately, especially due to some of its features like Custom Emojis.


Luckily, we have several developer and public betas of iOS 12 that have provided us a nice look at some of its features. In this blog, we have listed the five astonishing features in iOS 12 that you may like to have in your iPhone or iPad. So, let’s jump straight to these cool features in iOS 12.


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Improved Performance

The all new iOS 12 is faster and more responsive than the previous versions of iOS. Apple has rendered a sharp focus on the speed and performance of this new member to the iOS family. Navigation across different menus is faster than ever before. Apps launch 40% faster as compared to iOS 10. Typing becomes smooth, more responsive and faster by 50%. While you are doing multitasking i.e using multiple apps at once, switch between different apps and launching new apps also gets 50% faster. Apart from that, you can swipe to the Camera mode from lockscreen in no time i.e it’s 70% faster than before.   



The iMessage in iOS 12 is embellished with a number of startling features such as the all new Memojis, the new revamped animojis, plus the exciting new tongue and wink detection feature.


It lets you create a completely different kind of animojis called Memojis that best describe your own personality or mood. There are also several new Animojis that have been recently added to uplift your messaging experience. You can also record clips of upto 30 seconds, turn it into Animojis and share with your friends on iMessage. New Face Tracking features in iMessage recognizes your wink and tongue movements to create the perfect Memoji for you to share with your friends.



Screen Time

Screen Time is an entirely new feature in iOS 12 which provides you insights about how much time you are spending on your device and on various apps installed on it. This feature is quite similar to the one introduced in Android lately.

Screen Time in iOS 12

With Screen Time, you get weekly updates on your device usage or you can check it manually anytime you want. You can also set App Limits or the amount of data you and your kids can access each day.  


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Group FaceTime

The FaceTime feature in iOS 12 has just got a major overhaul. With the latest version of FaceTime introduced in iOS 12, it is capable of hosting multiple conversations at the same time. As exciting as it sounds, you can now include up to 32 people on FaceTime at once.

Group FaceTime in iOS 12

In Group FaceTime, multiple users can talk simultaneously; the video screen gets wider they are speaking and it shrinks when they’re not. The Group FaceTime feature is supported by all the iOS and macOS devices and also enables the use of Animojis and Memojis during the call.


Custom Emojis/Memojis

The Custom Emojis/Memojis is one of the most amazing features in iOS 12. You can create beautiful emojis having your own appearance and facial features. You can customize the skin tone, hairstyle, facial hair and you can even add accessories such as glasses, hats, turban etc. As a matter of fact, the Memoji feature in iOS 12 is a mix between Bitmoji and Nintendo’s Mii characters. Samsung also introduced a similar feature on its Galaxy S9 some time back. And now it seems like Apple has put in a lot of efforts in making this feature a feast for the iOS users.


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