5 Reason to Choose MEAN Stack for Web Application Development

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 23-Jan-2019

Application Development Using MEAN Stack

Digital growth is important for businesses today, therefore, it is important for business owners to choose a web application development platform for getting the best application built. Since there are a variety of framework and technologies today, it becomes difficult to choose the right technology for application development.


MEAN Stack is considered a big thing in web application development.  Most of the software developers believe that MEAN Stack has extraordinary capabilities that can help develop feature loaded mobile applications easily. Let’s shed some light on MEAN Stack and know why choosing it would be the best thing for business application development.


Open Source Software:


MEAN Stack offers web development solutions that are completely based on full stack JavaScript. The term MEAN itself is an acronym for the frameworks it encompasses i.e MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. Combination of all four technologies in one is a boon for web developers as it helps them complete the most difficult projects easily. Every technology MEAN supports has a significance. MongoDB boosts scalability and developer agility,  ExpressJS is useful in developing server-side apps, AngularJS is considered very useful in developing dynamic web and mobile applications like Netflix, YouTube, Forbes, LinkedIn Corporations, Paypal; while NodeJS offers a run-time environment for non-blocking and event-driven servers. NodeJS also helps in developing real-time apps with push-based architecture.

App Development with MEAN Stack is Cost Effective


JavaScript is one of the most powerful programming languages available in the market. Other application software uses two or more languages for application development whereas MEAN Stack uses only one i.e JavaScript.  JavaScript is easier for the application developers and it also reduces the time of developing an application. Reduced time means reduced cost and efforts thus making it a cost-effective solution for web application development.


Flexible and Efficient


Since MEAN Stack is all based on JavaScript, therefore, it offers an easier interface for web and mobile applications. JavaScript has enough potential which makes it easier for Mean Stack Web App Developers to develop single page applications (SPAs) or built innovative app functionalities within any application easily.


Easy to Build Heavy Applications


Various App Developers make use of MEAN stack because it helps them develop applications of any size. MEAN Stack Web App Developers use MEAN stack for developing scalable web and mobile applications. By using MEAN Stack, developers can easily add, edit, modify or delete the feature or functionalities from any application.  


User-Friendly Interface


MEAN stack offers an exceptional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in a variety of web and mobile applications. Also, AngularJS in MEAN Stack has remarkable front-end technology that is why it is considered the most preferred choice of leading companies today. MEAN Stack is getting bigger and better and there is no doubt that it will be a leading platform for various application developers to use as a primary source for developing dynamic applications.


Are you thinking of developing an application using MEAN stack? Contact us now and get in touch with our MEAN Stack Application Developers. Apart from MEAN Stack development services, we also excel in offering other web solutions incorporating technologies like jQuery, Grails, HTML5, and more.

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