5 Reason to Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 08-Mar-2019


Designing an application becomes completely meaningless if it is unable to function in the desired manner. Various mobile applications face downtime due to the programming language which has been used in its processing.  Various app developers had been searching for a programming language that helps them overcome the difficulties they face developing an application. To help software developers with designing a perfect application JetBrains has introduced Kotlin - a programming language that can help in building commercial applications without any hassle.  Let's move ahead and know why developers should use Kotlin for Android App Development.


1. Kotlin Offers Brevity


Earlier mobile app developers were dependent on Java programming language to get any kind of application developed But with time they searched for a language which is precise and offers brevity.  Kotlin is the perfect programming language that not only offers brevity but also ensures there are lesser errors in code. With lesser errors the production becomes faster, as a result, the application performs better.


2. Open Source


Just like Java, Kotlin is also an open source project.  Since it is an open source language the developers can easily expect high-quality development.  Apart from this Kotlin also offers support from the slack team through which the chances for errors becomes negligible.


3. Language With a Great IDE Support


In the testing phases of Kotlin, it has gone through several stages of alpha and beta improvements. It was used in a lot of projects before its final release so that the developers do not face any problem while developing an application with it. With world class IDE support it ensures smooth operation and features that are similar to Java.


4. Easier Way to Develop Android Apps


There are a lot of programming languages available for programmers to develop an application.   Earlier Java was the only powerful programming language that stayed ahead of the rest. Kotlin is simple yet powerful and helps the programmers to compete with rigid issues that Java had.   Kotlin requires a lesser library to write Android Apps and it also does not increases the method count a lot.


`5. Swift Language for Android App Development  


Nobody wants to use an application that functions slowly. Kotlin integrates seamlessly with Android Studio which makes the working of an application faster. Android 3.0 comes fully integrated with Kotlin whereas Android 2.3 requires a plugin to integrate with it. Kotlin not only performs all the functions of Java but works from the IDE as well.


Developing a feature loaded application is a tedious process for application developers. It involves selecting the right platform, framework and a  good programming language that integrates well with every smartphone. Understanding the needs of an app developer JetBrains introduced a powerful yet simple programming language that makes application development process free from hassle. Kotlin provides faster results to the developers in a very short duration.


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