5 DIgital Tech Trends to watch in 2019

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 15-Feb-2019

Digital Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Technological progress has influenced the way we connect with the audiences today. The innovation of Smart technology is now influencing the growth of companies. A business with an upgraded technology progresses faster in comparison to the one which lags behind in terms of the technology.  To stay ahead of the rest in the market, companies need to follow the trends listed below. These trends will not only help in keeping them ahead of the rest in the market but will make their operations much faster and cost-effective.


Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


Chatbots are the upcoming trend in the market. With the help of artificial intelligence, these Chatbots will be able to help companies reduce their operating cost. These Chatbots would offer suggestions to customers in real time. It also creates a human-like experience with the help of machine learning. Customers will be able to find instant solutions without having to wait for a day or two. Instant support from the chatbots will help companies improve their image in front of their customers. With this technological upgrade, customers will be able to order shoes online, make dinner reservations, pay bills, or book an appointment with the doctor. Introduction of chatbots has reduced phone queues in real time.


Trend of Smart Speakers


In digital marketing, voice search plays a very crucial role. When users type a query, they get hundreds of search results. Apple’s voice search is different from the search results of a normal browser. When a question is asked from Siri, the users get limited results. If a company expects itself to be found in these limited search results, they should tailor their SEO strategy for voice search accordingly. This voice search pattern will help improve their Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and keep them top spot in comparison to the competitors in the market.


Video Streaming


Smartphones are making us too much dependent on it. With different social media platforms, the demand for photos and videos have increased even more. One of the recent studies states that internet videos will make up to 80% of the traffic in 2019. With quality smartphones, it has now become easier for users to produce quality videos and sell it off in the market with ease. With the quality videos, people are now able to earn a huge amount in a very short duration. Companies are now using videos not only to train their professionals but also to grab the attention of their customers in the market. Companies that are using live video or normal video to interact with their audiences are able to grab a better audience share today.  

Live Streaming, AR, & VR


People prefer opting for a video that is running live in comparison to a video that is pre-recorded. Top Brands are now investing their time in producing live content so that they are able to generate more leads. Live streaming of cricket match is easily accessible on a smart device in comparison to cable television. With the help of live videos, customers get the feeling of watching it directly in front of them.


Augmented reality is the new trend in today’s world. With the help of augmented reality, customers will be able to experience videos with advanced features. AR layers videos and images on top of reality. Virtual reality is perfect for the gaming industry as it will help to create high definition experience for its users. Many advertisers using AR and VR have been able to receive attention and gain popularity in the market now.


Visual Search


Google image search is already helping the users find content that is relevant to them. Now Microsoft and Pinterest are in high demand. These platforms offer a visual search platform. Companies that are thinking of staying ahead in the market should start making changes in their SEO that can help them stay on top in the market.

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