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Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 22-Jun-2017

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The most trending topic of technology 2017 is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence. Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft are investing money in this field. The most shocking thing is, smartphones are also trying to incline towards artificial intelligence. They are working hard in the research of this field. People nowadays are finding ways to make their lives easy and comfortable. AI is the only way to make this happen. Here are 5 tools for building AI algorithms


1. Caffe

Caffee is a deep learning framework which is very popular among researchers and even enterprise users because of its speed. Caffee was developed by the Ph.D. student of the US Berkeley Vision and Learning Centre (BVLC). It is able to process more than 50 million images, all in a single day. Caffe framework is mainly used for research projects, multimedia, speech and even vision. 
2. Api.ai:

 Api.ai know to be as biologically inspired intelligence.  It is a chatbot API which lets the developers create intelligent assistants. Api.ai can be integrated with Facebook, Amazon Echo, Skype, Slack, Microsoft’s Cortana and much more. The good thing is, it is absolutely free to use. Although it has paid option and you can choose it if you want the service to run on the private cloud. This can be useful when you want the completely private network. It has SDKs for iOS, Node.js, android, apple watch, JavaScript, Python, C++. Ai-one's 'Analyst Toolbox' provides a document library, building agents and APIs for developers. Ai-one can essentially turn data into generalized rule sets, enabling lots of in-depth AI and machine learning structures.

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3. TensorFlow: 

TensorFlow is Google’s open source platform. It is one of the artificial intelligence tools. It provides a library using data flow graphs for computation. Its website offers tutorials and resources which help the developers who have less knowledge about it. It runs on different systems with over multiple CPUs. It can even run on the mobile devices. It supports C++ and Python. 

4. Mahout: 

Mahout is one of the artificial intelligence tools which is specially designed for those developers who want to create machine learning applications. It is an open source machine learning framework. It lets its users use its pre-formed algorithms for H2O, Apache Flink, and Apache Spark. Mahout even provides the programming environment for building algorithms. It is integrated with various companies like Accenture, Intel, Twitter, Foursquare, Adobe, LinkedIn, Yahoo and much more.

5. OpenNN

OpenNN is an open source which is specially designed for the experienced developers. It has a tool called Neural Designer for advanced analytics. It provides graphs and tables to interpret data entries. The website of OpenNN offers a lot of tutorials and documentations for the developers who want to learn about it. It is a written and developed in C++ language. 


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