5 AI Trends That Will Dominate The Market In 2018

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 23-Jan-2018

5 AI Trends That Will Dominate The Market In 2018

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sought after technologies that is reshaping our lives with its groundbreaking aspects and revolutionary applications. AI is something that has been attracting companies for decades. Lately, the public interest in this field has grown to unprecedented levels. Numerous leading companies and tech giants are investing big on AI and its subfields like Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision. An American technology and services company, Alphabet invested a whopping sum of $30 billion in developing AI technologies last year. Similarly, a leading Chinese web services company, Baidu invested $20 billion in Artificial Intelligence for its ongoing ventures.


As it turns out, not only companies but governments are also taking keen interest in Artificial Intelligence. As per a recent article published in The New Yorker magazine, the Chinese government is constantly trying to vie control over the AI technology for its future endeavors.  


Given below are the five trends that will dominate the worldwide market in 2018.


Content Creation

As a matter of fact, Artificial Intelligence is already being used by many companies for content generation. The list includes names like CBS, Hearst and USA Today. This will play a vital role in reducing efforts involved in creating new websites that require visual and textual content for various web pages. This will definitely help publishers to cut down their time and costs.


Many companies are already offering AI based content creation services to the publishers and website owners. For example, an online web services company called Wibbitz allows publishers to convert their written content into interactive videos through an AI video production tool.


Self Driving Cars

Launching self-driving cars has been a dream project of many car manufacturing companies that have been working on it for decades. Tesla Motors became the first car company to successfully launch an AI powered self-driving car last year. This year however, many other car companies are lined up to release their own self-driving vehicles. The list includes some well known brands like Audi, Ford, Toyota and BMW. Companies like Cadillac and Volvo are also coming up with their own driverless car models that will catch the heat in 2018.


Peer-to-Peer Networks

The Peer-to-Peer networks are rapidly growing in numbers. This kind of networks are primarily being used in Blockchain systems. Whether it’s about cryptocurrencies, digital assets, smart contracts, digital identity and eVoting, Peer-to-Peer networks are being used in a large number of financial and non-financial applications. Apart from Blockchain technology, Machine Learning which happens to be a subfield of AI is playing a crucial role in running and establishing Peer-to-Peer networks.


Tech savvy companies like Facebook are using statistical modelling for making machines capable of taking informed decisions about the content to be displayed next. These models however, require massive computing power and enormous data. That’s why Peer-to-Peer networks are best suited for these systems. In 2018, we’ll see widespread adoption of Peer-to-Peer networks in different industries.   


Increase In Demand of Data Scientists

The widespread adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in various fields has led to the increased demand of Data Scientists. Data Science is an emerging field and it has the potential to reshape the future of mankind. In 2018, the demand of Data Scientists will even surpass the demand of engineers. Seeing the increasing demand, IBM predicts that the demand of Data Scientists will reach 2.7 million by the year 2020.


Machine Learning Will Create Employment Opportunities

While most people fear that Robots may replace humans in future, Machine Learning may help create new employment opportunities especially for those who are in to knowledge sharing. Not everyone is familiar with this technology and there’s going to be an inevitable need to foster the knowledge sharing which may create great employment opportunities for the people.

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