4 Revolutionary Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 03-Apr-2017

Artificial Intelligence


Automation has its perks but more or less, people are concerned about the potential threats and malicious use cases that may lead to disastrous results. Over the years, the influence of machines has increased in our day to day lives. Artificial Intelligence has been the catalyst that pushed it further and now it has gone on to the next level. For instance, now robotic arms are being used for carrying out complex surgical operations. While these machines perform tasks with extreme accuracy, there’s always a risk involved that if a thing goes wrong, it may lead to a catastrophe. The question is whether or not to put your faith in machines and as it turns out, people are still reluctant to give themselves up to the machines.


But if we rise above these notions, a bright future awaits where the sky is the limit. Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most advanced and astonishing technology we have access to.


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In this blog, we’ll talk about the four revolutionary aspects of Artificial Intelligence that can lead mankind towards a bright and brilliant future.  


#1 Improving Agriculture


In many countries, Agriculture is still left far behind and the technologies used in agriculture are quite obsolete and outdated. In this context, AI developers have proposed a solution to improve agriculture while preserving agricultural resources at the same time. First off, there are all sorts of autonomous systems available for performing various tasks such as planting seeds, fertilizing crops and spraying pesticides. And then there are drones and UAVs that perform all these tasks with perfection and yield best possible results.



#2 Fighting Unemployment


While many people believe that the widespread adoption of computers and machines in different industries can create unemployment as these machines will replace a majority of workers. But contrarily, Artificial Intelligence can help in creating new jobs and eradicating unemployment. Though some jobs might be at stake, it will definitely open a new pool of opportunities for the needy ones.


Whenever a new technology is implemented on a large scale, it requires combined efforts from a large number of employees and workers. Also, people need to be trained about the new technologies before they are implemented and Artificial Intelligence is something that can’t be missed out by any chance. This also creates vast job opportunities for a large number of people. So if we see the positive side of it, AI can provide employment for more people than we can imagine.


#3 Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry


Healthcare industry is where Artificial Intelligence is presiding for the last couple of years. Even a highly skilled doctor can have a hard time saving a patient’s life but the machines are programmed to work with utmost accuracy. It’s been more than five years since the AI-powered robots are being used for performing invasive surgeries and there hasn’t been a single incident where some mishap is said to have happened. As a matter of fact, an AI system can easily distinguish between different human body parts and organs and they are trained to perform every task neatly and with minimal incursion.


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#4 Revolutionizing the Automobile Industry


Millions of people die every year in road accidents and in most of the cases, these accidents occur due to lack of human awareness and concentration. In this scenario, the use of autonomous vehicles can greatly reduce such mishappenings. Autonomous self-driving cars are creating quite a stir these days. For the last few years, these cars have gone through numerous testings that are still going on in some countries. Tesla Motors has shown a keen interest in making it happen and the company has already launched its first lineup of self-driving cars.


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