4 Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule The Enterprise Mobility

Posted By Priyansha Sinha | 11-Sep-2018

Futuristic Technologies for enterprise mobility trends

The continuous advancement in technologies has greatly impacted the existence of human lives. Indubitably, the futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Big Data have already started to metamorphose the current business scenarios in more than one way. And to be more precise, they have set the ball rolling in the field of enterprise mobility segment in particular and have disrupted the way applications are created and utilized by the businesses. With no punches pulled, they are here to thrive and empower the enterprise applications in the near future.


So let us explore the unparalleled impact it is poised to have on the enterprise mobility as we move closer to the coming years.


Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Customer Services and Security


It is extremely crucial for the businesses to reckon the potential of Artificial intelligence and accept it as a sole unit of their survival. The enterprise mobility applications will be embedded with AI to make sure it delivers stupendously in future.


If we dig deeper into the current scenario, the AI-powered chatbots are already becoming a vital part of a multitude of mobile applications and they successfully render an improved and enhanced customer experience throughout. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence will also strengthen the cybersecurity of the enterprise mobility applications and build a secure atmosphere for the potential growth and expansion of the BYOD culture.


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SDN is All Set To Go


As the SDN gains more momentum, the companies across the globe have started investing more in exploring the possibilities of virtual network services. This indicates a wider adoption of SDN in the coming years and the software-defined model is expected to take over the entire charge of IT infrastructures soon.


Besides, the application-aware networking concept will play a primary role in the functionalities, managing security, and monitoring the performance of the apps in the digital and complex realm.


Also, when the 5G, IoT, and cloud technologies will converge, they will carve a new pathway for both SDN and machine learning solutions. This will enable the expansion of B2B models and significantly enhance the overall experience of the customers.


Location-Based Technologies Will Empower The Enterprises


With every passing day, more and more commercial applications are integrating location-based technologies in their business frameworks. The growing popularity of this trend can be witnessed through the increasing use and implementation of Beacons. These smart sensors allow the distribution of data to the mobile devices with a purpose to offer a smooth communication across the enterprise channels for better collaboration and higher productivity.


Edge Computing Will Undoubtedly Stay


High throughput and low latency are in high demand for the development of top-tier, edge applications and has contributed a lot to the recent surge of edge computing. For instance, to understand its importance, let’s take an example of a self-driving car.


In order to take any direction-based judgments, a self-driving car may require a real-time computation and it is only possible when a car can access the server and the overall computation gets delivered within milliseconds of time. The same principle can be applied to improve the workload management potential at the workplace.


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A Final Note


Although I have mentioned all the top-notch technologies in my article, however, there are several other aspects such as interoperability and automation as well that can possibly lead to the advancement of the enterprise mobility trends.


What do you think about these technologies? How will they transform the enterprise mobility trends in your opinion? Let us know, we will be glad to hear your side of the story as well.

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