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Looking for a rich, effective, simple, easy to use and affordable streaming media player?  


Wowza Streaming Engine might be the one you’re looking for. Perhaps, it’s the best option for you if what you want is extraordinary streaming experience at nominal prices. Wowza Streaming Engine fits right into your budget and gives you powerful real-time streaming capabilities at expense of minimal requirements. Wowza Streaming Engine brings to you a one-stop streaming solution in form of the Wowza Media Player. The Wowza Media Player is a marvelous streaming software which harnesses the real power and potential of Live Video Streaming by providing excellent means for streaming live events. Wowza ensures a smooth delivery of media and audio/video content while minimizing all the complexities related to the real-time streaming. Wowza Streaming Engine plays a vital role in making the online media accessible to all the devices so that you can access the live media anywhere around the world. Besides, it gives you access to rich media content of unmatched quality of both audio and video.  


The Wowza Streaming Engine has been through numerous advancements and upgrades time to time. Consequently, we now have way more options than ever before. Some recent upgrades to the Wowza Streaming Engine include enhanced features like On-demand media, new REST API, reduced latency and stream monitoring.


How Oodles Technologies Serves You?

Oodles Technologies is an offshore software development company with proven skills in Video Content Management and Live Video Streaming. With more than seven years of experience in streaming domain, we have hands-on experience in providing Wowza Media Streaming Services.

We have an adroit team of Live Video Streaming Experts working on different projects in compliance with the latest trends and technological advancements in Wowza and Kaltura. Besides Wowza, we also have a sound expertise in Kaltura Video Streaming. With our continuous efforts and firm determination, we always strive to take new and innovative steps to gratify a larger global audience. We take immense pride in calling ourselves one of the leading Wowza streaming service providers across the world. It has been our first and foremost priority to deliver robust and powerful video streaming solutions using latest technologies. We offer perfectly tailored end-to-end solutions for streaming quality rich audio/video content in real-time.  



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