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Wowza is one of the top-rated media server and streaming engines that allows its user to stream live and on-demand video across a peer-to-peer IP network. Introduced by the Wowza Media Systems, the Wowza streaming engine provides you with access to rich media content in the real-time on your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, game consoles, IPTV set-top boxes and numerous other digital multimedia devices. It employs a media streaming server based on Java and supports almost all the major computer platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Unix and Solaris.


Wowza Streaming Engines have become famous for its smooth content delivery and high-end media streaming capabilities offered at cost-effective prices. Thus, Wowza now garners a large number of the web and mobile applications that allow real-time streaming of multimedia content. As a matter of fact, Wowza is cross-platform, so, you don’t have to face any platform constraints. Additionally, it provides the real-time information sharing in way that becomes smooth for both ends.  


Benefits of using Wowza Streaming Engine:


  • To ingest the live stream, it utilizes preferred encoding solutions for required needs, from broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware to free software-based RTMP encoders.  

  • Delivers audio/video streams to supported devices or players over any protocol just by using a single media server.

  • Creates linear, live or on-demand streaming apps for news, live events, surveillance, monitoring, video libraries and more.

  • Records the live stream to a file for on-demand playback. It records the overall webcast into a single file, divides the file for chapter replay.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies?


Oodles Technologies has now become an eminent Wowza Streaming Company having an excellence in effectively using and implementing capabilities of the Wowza Streaming Engine. Other than that, we have a team full of video streaming experts who are well-acquainted with Wowza Streaming Engine. More than 7 years of extensive experience in the said niche has carved our path.


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