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With the availability of so many Streaming Engines and Streaming Media Servers, it has become so much easy for the viewers to access data and online Video streams. Owing to the ever-evolving online ecosystem, the publishers can now publish audio/video streams seamlessly without any intrications.


Wowza Media Server is well known for its robust and reliable media streaming capabilities. With Wowza Streaming Server, you don’t need to face any platform constraints. Plus, it also provides real-time information sharing in such a way that is quite lucrative for both ends. When it comes to Live Video Streaming, Wowza has quite a lot to offer. Wowza Media Server is used to power a large number of network based real-time streaming applications. It not only provides high scalability to the video streaming app but also makes way for organizing large scale events in real time. This further reduces the risk of exceeding user limit.



Why Choose Oodles Technologies?


Oodles Technologies is known for its top of the line Live streaming Solutions and Wowza Media Streaming Services. We rank among the top industry leaders in the niche of delivering video content with features like Automatic Bandwidth Detection, RTMP push publishing, dynamic load balancing, cross platform compatibility. Our Live Video Streaming Experts thrive on scalable audio/video content delivery. The streaming solutions offered by us tend to accelerate the adoption of the latest compression standards across the entire video distribution system.

  • Adaptive Bitrate streaming

  • VBR and NDVR streaming

  • Integration with IP camera

  • Licensed Transcoder

  • Make use of Multiple Protocols

  • Customize Load Balancing

  • Geolocation Based Streaming - Viewers can select from the multiple language audio from a drop down thereby enabling Wowza to cater to many countries.

  • Streaming any media content size on various device

  • Provides Token Based Content Security

  • We offer scheduling facility

  • Make use of REST API


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