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Wowza Streaming engine offers valuable means for developing high-quality video/audio streams and distributing them over the internet. It also provide a matchless opportunity to the content owners to broadcast their content all over the world. Hence, it increases chances to reach to a larger audience.

The Wowza Streaming Engine runs seamlessly with some prime operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOS X, Unix and Solaris. In fact, to stream rich media content over the internet, it makes use of a high-end media server as well as offer web hosting and Video On Demand Streaming Services. With the availability of various excellent Streaming Engines and Streaming Media Servers, it has become necessary to choose the best option to make accessing data and online video streams hassle free.

The services offered by Wowza streaming engine are fairly similar to the services offered by RED5 and Adobe Flash Media Server. However, Wowza stands ahead of others when it comes to streaming high-quality videos over a local IP network.

To make this streaming engine more powerful, lately, there have been many new upgradations. These latest features can help the Wowza clients to move ahead in the right direction in this intensified competition and extensive global demand for on-demand and live streaming.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles technologies is determined and dedicated towards its aim to become a prominent Wowza media streaming experts. The experience of more than 7 years has helped us in carving our niche in Wowza Media Streaming Services. Besides, we are one of the leading providers who offers video content management. Our seasoned team of experts is always keen to provide the clients with the scalable solutions related to live streaming engines. This team has a hands-on experience in developing the most responsive and scalable network-based video streaming apps as well.




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