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Wowza Streaming Engine is a widely used streaming media server that lets you stream live and on-demand videos over the local IP networks. The media server used in Wowza is basically a Java application which is deployable on most of the operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Unix and Solaris. Wowza Streaming Engine gives a great opportunity to the content owners and publishers to broadcast their content over the internet to reach the target audiences.  


Wowza Streaming Engine renders real-time video streaming capabilities to a wide range of software applications.  It also provides excellent web hosting services to its client. Depending on the needs of your business, Wowza also offers additional tools and SDKs for building custom web and mobile applications.   


As a matter of fact, the services offered by Wowza Streaming Engine are very similar to those offered by Red 5, webRTC and Adobe Flash Media Server. But Wowza gives you an edge over all these systems when it comes to streaming high-quality media over the local IP networks.



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We, at Oodles Technologies are pioneers in building world-class network based applications using streaming media servers like Kaltura, WebRTC and Wowza. We have vast experience in Online Video Content Management and we provide best-in-class Wowza Media Streaming Services at the best market price. We have a team of Wowza Media Streaming Developers with high proficiency in building customized web and mobile applications depending on your business requirements.  

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