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Wowza streaming engine is worldwide renowned for providing seamless video-on-demand and video streaming capabilities. It helps in building robust cloud infrastructure streaming services for online media along with offering media managing tasks. Such tasks include encoding/decoding, audio/video conversion and muxing/demuxing.

Wowza Media Systems have now become one of the leading software and cloud-based services providers that constantly inscribes the complications of high-quality audio and video streaming for entities worldwide.

Wowza has a media server of it’s own providing an out-of-the-box experience in live video streaming. This media server of Wowza offers end-to-end custom solutions to create and broadcast live streams. Besides it, Wowza is also helpful in providing high-end live streaming services through IP cameras as well as requisite support to add video chat capabilities to mobile and web applications.

Another branch of its is Wowza streaming cloud Services that provides the worldwide scale, flexibility, technology and usability to satisfy various live-streaming uses cases, ranging from the smallest one-time events to the most cutting-edge streaming apps.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a well-renowned name when it comes to Video Streaming service providing company along with a rigorous experience in Online Video Content Management.


Our vertical of services include:

  • Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), VBR and nDVR streaming

  • IP camera’s integration

  • Developers are not restricted to any protocol and well versed in Transcoding

  • Specializes in Content Security and Load Balancing Customization

  • Scheduling feature and optimizing REST API

  • Builds a CDN on distributed Geo Location

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