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Wowza Streaming Engine is famous for its seamless Video Streaming and Video-on-demand capabilities. It builds a robust cloud infrastructure for online media streaming services and also offers many other media handling tasks such as encoding/decoding, muxing/demuxing and audio/video conversions. Wowza has its own media server which provides an out-of-the-box live video streaming experience. Wowza Media Server provides end-to-end custom solutions for creating and publishing live streams.


Besides, Wowza also provides high-end live streaming services via IP cameras. Apart from that, it also provides requisite support for adding video chat capabilities to various web and mobile applications.  


Oodles Technologies is a well acclaimed Video Streaming service providing company with an extensive experience in Online Video Content Management.


Our expert services include :

  • Adaptive Bitrate, VBR and nDVR streaming

  • IP camera’s integration

  • Experts are not restricted to any protocol and well versed in Transcoding

  • Specialized in Load Balancing Customization and Content Security

  • Offer scheduling feature and make use of REST API

  • Building a CDN on distributed Geo Location using multiple Wowza

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