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Wowza Streaming Engine is an exclusive streaming media server used for streaming rich media content over the local IP networks. Wowza supports a myriad of multimedia devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile devices, gaming consoles and IPTV set-top-boxes. Besides, it provides a secure means for carrying out complex multimedia tasks such as encoding, decoding, muxing/demuxing and audio/video conversions. Wowza also helps in building a robust cloud infrastructure for streaming audio/video content in real-time over the internet.


Wowza provides a worldwide standard for adding seamless video streaming capabilities to the web and mobile applications. Wowza has its own streaming media server that offers an outstanding live video streaming experience. In addition to that, it’s an excellent media server that offers end-to-end and custom solutions for creating and publishing live streams.

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

We, at Oodles Technologies provide world-class live video streaming services using Wowza Streaming Engine. We have a team of Video Streaming Experts with vast experience in Wowza Media Streaming Services. We also have our expertise in Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), VBR and nDVR Streaming. Our developers are well versed with Transcoding and are not restricted to any protocol. We specialize in Content Security and Load Balancing Customization.


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