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Wowza Streaming Engine is a popular streaming media server developed by Wowza Media Systems which lets you stream high quality audio/video content over the internet. Video on demand (voD) streaming is one of the many applications of Wowza Streaming Engine. Perhaps, the greatest virtue of Wowza is that it gives you access to all kinds of media that you can stream while being in any corner of the world.


Wowza media streaming services encapsulates Multi-Protocol and Multi-client audio/video media and content delivery. Wowza gives you a seamless streaming experience with minimal requirements. With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can stream live audio/video content via any kind of encoder. For instance, Live Streaming through IP cameras is one such feature of Wowza Streaming Engine. Apart from that, Wowza also finds its use in hosting Live events and video broadcasting. Nevertheless, Wowza also helps you create your own live streams and publish them. To say the least, it’s a one-stop solution for all your streaming related woes.  


Oodles Technologies specializes in providing high quality Wowza Media Streaming Services.


We have our focus on :

  • Adaptive Bitrate, VBR and nDVR streaming

  • IP camera’s integration

  • Experts are not restricted to any protocol and well versed in Transcoding

  • Specialized in Load Balancing Customization and Content Security

  • Offer scheduling feature and make use of REST API

  • Building a CDN on distributed Geo Location using multiple Wowza


We also have expertise in

  • Wowza Media Streaming Services

  • Kaltura Live Streaming Services

  • WebRTC Application Development

  • Red 5 Streaming Services

  • FFmpeg Video Streaming Services


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