Video Stream On Demand Service Providers

Video Streaming Services

The growing popularity of Live Video Streaming has shot up the demand of live streaming service providers. Live Video Streaming is defined as the continuous flow of media in real-time over the internet. It is perhaps the coolest and yet the most effective way to reach target audiences in a short interval of time. It further aids in delivering high-quality audio/video content to the end-users. Live Video Streaming can be perceived as an alternative solution for downloading media files. Here, you can’t download anything and you don’t need to download anything as the video can be seen in real-time. Not only that, the users can leverage high quality media streaming content in 4K UHD.

Above are all supporting statements to that many leading streaming service providers are now providing their user with the matchless VoD streaming service same as other integral part of their services. By using VoD, you not only get the opportunity to stream movies and TV shows but also it allows you real-time access to various Sports events and Live Concerts.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

We, at Oodles Technologies provide high-quality video streaming services to the clients from all over the world. We have years of experience in VoD streaming and we specialize in building streaming based web and mobile applications for our clients. With over seven years of experience in Live Video Streaming industry, we have attained excellence in delivering VoD streaming services at cost-effective rates. When it comes to Live Video Streaming, we also have our expertise in WebRTC, Wowza, Kaltura and Red 5. Apart from that, we also provide live channel and app development services for Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  


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