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Video Streaming Services

VOD or Video-on-Demand is one of the most  asked for services in the digital entertainment industry around the world. The reason is that it allows users to watching their favourite movies, television programs and sporting events at anytime and anywhere within the domain of the network provider. That give consumers the ease of enjoying their favourite shows in their free time and thus not missing a single episode because of their work engagement or busy schedule. Video On Demand Live Streaming Services are very popular these days with more and more people subscribing to pay-per-view on a regular basis.


VOD allows for streaming of content related to events, concerts, movies, television programmes and sporting events available to its subscribers by charging a subscription fee for it. However, a few of the videos can be streamed on your television sets absolutely free of cost on VOD.


Pay-per-view is another service which has gained popularity all around the world where the users can watch the live streaming of an event or a concert by paying for it before the event starts or while the event is privately live only to the subscribers. The difference between VOD and pay-per-view lies in the fact that PPV feed is not recorded and it is served live to the subscribers.


Why Choose Oodles Technologies?


Oodles Technologies is a prominent name in providing the most effective and cost-efficient solutions related to Video Streaming and Live Streaming of content. Our seasoned team of Video Streaming experts are more than capable of building the best web and mobile apps which facilitates media streaming irrespective of the fact that whether it is audio/video or live media.


Our name also comes among one of the best Video On Demand streaming service providers in the world with a long list of clients who appreciated the solutions provided by us. Live Video Streaming services is our forte and we feel proud to say that we are second to none in the said niche.


Here are some facts which supports our credibility in the market


  • We can build an powerful and reliable media hosting platform that can be customized to meet your business requirements.


  • We have an extensive experience in latest video technologies and streaming media servers including Kaltura, Wowza and Red 5.



  • Vast and proven experience in video hosting, encoding, decoding, transcoding, transmuxing, and streaming (VOD and Live).


  • We offer highest quality and competitive rates with the assurance of timely delivery of products and services.


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