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Grails is an open-source framework used for web app development that is used for building high-quality websites and web applications. Grails makes use of a unique programming language called Groovy. Groovy is an exclusively devised programming language that finds its use in web app development using Grails. It is an object oriented language built for the Java platform and offers features similar to those of Ruby, Python, Perl and Smalltalk. One of the biggest advantages of Groovy is that it can be used as a scripting language for the Java platform and is easily compiled with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).



Grails operate under the Apache software license 2.0 and uses a “coding by convention” paradigm. Besides, it is comparatively easy to learn and master. Since it involves the use of Java, it is easily understandable by the Java Developers. The framework offers high productivity at low maintenance costs.


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