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Live Video Streaming is a term relating to a real-time transmission of  multimedia over the internet. It  broadcasts  live audio/video events on your PCs, smartphones and mobile devices.  Live Streaming of media is the most popular way to reach your audiences in real time and it’s also turning out to be a sturdy medium for online advertisements. Thus, it’s being used by a large number of advertising agencies all over the world for the promotions, marketing and branding of different products and services.

For influencer marketing, Live Video Streaming is an  effective way which is highly in trends  to engage the influencer audiences into your campaigns.

Live Streaming is shaping  the world of digital marketing. Besides, there has been a recent surge in popularity of live streaming apps in the market.  Facebook Live, Youtube Live and Live on Instagram are few examples of the live streaming integration in mobile apps. Recently Honda Malaysia and Amazon launched their products live via Facebook Live feature in order to increase their Brand Exposure and to grow their market reach in their respective fields at the same time.  

Why Choose Oodles Technologies?

Oodles Technologies is a leading video streaming company with years of experience in buildingnetwork based streaming applications for both Android and iOS platforms. We have a team of Video Streaming Experts with hands on experience in integrating Live streaming  into web and mobile applications. We specialize in delivering top-notch Live video streaming services at the best market price.
Services offered by us :
Live Event Streaming
On-Demand Streaming
PPV (pay-per-view)
Continuous 24*7 Streaming
Mobile Streaming


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