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Grails is an Open-source and cross-platform web application framework which is mainly used for creating scalable and dynamic web applications. Grails is licensed by Apache Software and offers a powerful run-time environment for web app development. It makes use of an object oriented programming language called ‘Groovy.’ As a matter of fact, Apache Groovy has features similar to those of other programming languages like Python, Ruby, Perl and Smalltalk. The Groovy language is exclusively built by the Apache team for Java platform.

The Grails framework provides valuable tools to the developers for creating out of the box web applications. It further helps the developers to complete major web development projects in a relatively short span of time. Besides, it is very easy to use and any developer can master it in just a few weeks of practice. Another major benefit of Grails is that it can be easily integrated with Java libraries and other code bases.



Business Benefits of Using Grails

  • Time to Market

  • Developer Efficiency.

  • Reusability.

  • Ease of Java Integration

  • Agility.

  • Cost Savings

  • Increased Developer Productivity.

  • Plug-Ins.

  • Low Maintenance.



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