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Grails development is the most powerful cross-platform framework for web application. It is the only framework that brings robustness for the development of applications. Grails work on the language known as Groovy which is quite similar to java. It is very easy to use. Grails is an open source and cross-platform framework for web applications. It makes use of a programming language called Groovy which is exclusively designed for web development using Grails. It is a high-productivity development framework that follows ‘coding by convention’ paradigm and offers a stand alone development environment for building websites and web applications. Many Java Developers prefer Grails over other similar frameworks as in Grails, it’s easy to integrate Java libraries with the existing code base. Any developer can master this framework within weeks. Grails is licensed by Apache Software License 2.0 and is absolutely free to use.      



Why Upgrade to Grails 3?


Grails 3 is the latest addition to the family and it boasts several advancements and upgradations.    


  • Groovy 2.4 & Spring 4.2

  • Gradle-Based Build

  • Application Profiles

  • Interactive Command Line Shell

  • Enhanced IDE Integration

  • Static VOID Main Signature

  • SPOCK/GEB Functional Test Support.



Why Choose Oodles Technologies ?   


Oodles Technologies is an Offshore Grails Development Company with years of experience in web and mobile app development. We help you to create an amazing web applications by meeting your needs. We give a life to your creative imagination. We provide comprehensive solutions for web and mobile app development and we thrive on meeting the expectations of our clients. With our comprehensive Web Development Solutions, we can help you in accelerating and streamlining your business processes. Oodles Technologies has a vast experience in Grails Web Application Development and we specialize in building interactive web applications  using Groovy and Grails.


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