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    Node.Js is javascript based web application development platform which is used to write both client side and server side code. Now programmer can use same language on both client and server side .

    It uses event-driven , non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.

    The execution model of Node.Js is single threaded . Now you will be wondering unlike Apache which spawn one thread for each request , how Node.Js will be handling the request . If user A has requested some database call which will take 20s and then User B have made some request then it means User B have to wait for 20s as Node.js is single threaded . I will yes if Apache will be single threaded but not in Node.Js because of event loop .

    Event -Loop

    If a user is loading a page in Node.Js which has two database calls say “x” and “y” in sequence . “x” will take 20s and “y” 1s . Since database call of both “x” and “y” will be made in event loop . That is when data is fetched from database it is delivered . So for executing call “y” it will not wait for call “x” to complete though call “x” is made before call “y” . It made call “y” and deliver the data and when data for call “x” is fetched it is delivered .

    In apache it will took 20+1 sec to complete but in Node.Js it will be 20s . In Apache call “x” and “y” are synchronous but in Node.Js it is asynchronous .


    • Use the following command to install the prerequisite

      		$sudo apt-get install g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils git-core $sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
    • Node.js installation

      add repository using following command

          $sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js

      Run the update command and install node.js

         $sudo apt-get update 
         $sudo apt-get install nodejs
    • NPM installation

      NPM is Node Package Manager and used for managing dependencies for an application .

      git clone 
      cd npm 
      sudo make install
    • Express Installation

      Express is web application framework for Node . It provides an MVC framework for creating Node.js web applications

      $sudo npm install -g express

      -g option is used so that “express” will be available to use from anywhere in the system

    • Mongoose Installation

      It is the module which provides MongoDb database support for Node.js application . It is used for MongoDB object modelling for Node.js

      $sudo npm install -g mongoose
    • Check you installation

      		$npm ls

      you will get installed package express , mongoose and node details for above command



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