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Apple TV is a digital media player which can stream media content from various resources which includes YouTube, iTunes, Hulu Plus, NetFlix or from many of the iOS apps available on iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. We can enjoy HD digital content or live videos on our HD television sets if we have Apple TV microconsole available with us by connecting it through an HDMI cable to our television. That makes Apple TV special for the users as it is very convenient to enjoy any kind of digital content be it educational, fitness-related or just movies and TV soaps.


The Operating System which Apple incorporates in its Media Player is very powerful and is called tvOS which enables it to provide lag free services and also eliminates latency issues during streaming. Apple TV App Development services are in great demand nowadays because of its expanding popularity among the users worldwide.


Key Features of Apple TV


  • Siri Voice Control Functionality

  • Stunning and Intuitive user interface


  • Access to thousands of movies and tv shows


  • Subscription to Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Watch ESPN


  • AirPlay Screen Mirroring


  • Gaming support



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