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Apple TV is a miniature entertainment device brought to you by Apple Inc. It offers a wide range of streaming devices popularly known as Streaming Boxes or Streaming Media Players. These microconsoles provide powerful media streaming capabilities to the Apple TV users. It is primarily used to stream live TV shows through a myriad of channels. Apple TV also gives you access to hundreds of streaming applications and channels. With the availability of so many apps and games on the Apple TV App Store, it delivers an amazing TV viewing experience to its users. This also paves new ways for the developers to create and deploy new apps on the Apple TV App Store.  

Apple TV is a very useful digital micro console that lets users watch movies, TV shows, Sports events, podcasts and other videos at any given time through subscriptions. The Siri Remote that comes along helps viewers to browse various TV channels and Apple tv apps. The Apple TV has a unique Siri remote which is touch-enabled and offers voice search functionality.  Apart from this, tvos app store provides the best games and Apple TV apps for your television for the best TV experience. Moreover, the 4th generation Apple TV brought numerous updates and functionality improvements including new OS such as “tvOS”  and Siri Voice-enabled remote control.


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