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Amazon Fire TV offers an exclusive range of streaming media players and microconsoles that are used to stream high quality audio/video content over the internet. There have been two generations of this powerful streaming device so far and third one is about to arrive pretty soon. The availability of top-notch features at a very affordable price makes it a perfect entertainment device for anyone.  


Amazon Fire TV uses your local wifi connection to stream high quality media over the internet. You can also customize the media quality depending your internet connection. It is not only a digital media player but is also used as gaming microconsole which lets you play high resolution games rich in graphics. Now, Amazon Fire TV also offers full support for HTML5 web applications and the feature is available as part of the company’s existing HTML5 web app publishing toolset.


Amazon Fire TV also enables you to play high graphic video games and therefore serves as a powerful gaming console. If you happen to be a gaming freak, Fire TV offers a special purchasing package with a powerful and handy game controller.



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