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A cable network has become an old thing now. People are moving towards web content. Accessing audio/video content such as Tv shows, movies, songs over the internet is called streaming. Video Streaming is a service that allows you to stream video content to a computer or TV in real-time. In on-demand video streaming, you can access the video content from any internet-connected device at any suitable time or whenever you want to rather than waiting for the broadcast at a specified time. In live video streaming, the content is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted to the viewer in real time. Live streaming enables live chat, Q&A section, survey or poll or watching a live sports event and much more. On the other hand, VOD is used for mainly online entertainment and educational tutorials.


There are a plenty of streaming devices now in the market due to the speedier internet connections. Moreover, the Web user does not need to wait to download a file and rather plays it through streaming video services. In fact, the media is transmitted in a continuous stream of data and is displayed to the viewer as it arrives. The market for video streaming industry is booming nowadays. Big Companies can make huge profits by investing in video streaming industry.


What do we offer at Oodles?

Oodles Technologies is expert at providing world-class
Live Video Streaming Services at the best market prices. We are pioneers in building the out-of-the-box network-based real-time video streaming applications that run seamlessly over the internet. We have a vast experience in Online Video Content Management and offer custom solutions for multimedia handling. Our Video Streaming Experts are skilful in implementing the multimedia development toolkits to build the avant-garde mobile and web applications. We also have expertise in the most advanced multimedia platforms like Kaltura, Wowza, WebRTC, FFmpeg and Adobe Flash Media Player to deliver the finest video streaming service to our clients.  


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