Torque Wars is an arcade-style 2D online multiplayer game. In this game, you can battle it out in frantic, bullet-filled combat. Dodge, dash, and line up your shots to be the last tank standing. The goal in each fast-paced match of Torque Wars is to outlive and shoot down your opponents. Bounce bullets off walls for tricky shots while dodging the swarms of bullets heading your way to guarantee victory in this chaotic shooter. Fight over game-changing powerups and control colored walls to give you an edge in combat. Rounds of Torque Wars have enough skill and strategy to be competitive, and enough chaos and unpredictability to be fun for everyone.

Scope of Work

Torque Wars is designed for a company based in South China. They sought our services to avail of complete development of the gameplay and multiplayer functionalities for the game. The application had the following challenges: 


  • Designing the gameplay and behavior of playable characters and Non Playable characters.
  • Integrating Multiplayer solution into the game.
  • Designing the gameplay, conditions, power-ups according to the design received from the client.
  • Handling various multiplayer exceptions during the gameplay.
  • Creating and upgrading applications for multiple platforms like Android, iOS & PC.

Our Solution

Our team of Unity developers analyzed the client’s existing application including its live gameplay. As per the clients’ requirements, we redesigned the complete architecture for a more smooth gameplay experience. The team used a technology stack consisting of Unity C# Framework, Photon Pun 2, Mysql 5.7, Android Studio 3.4 (Kotlin), and Xcode 11.3 (Swift) to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables:


  • Android complete Torque Wars App
  • iOS complete Torque Wars App.
  • PC complete Torque Wars App.

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