Ubik Capital is a white-labelled validator node. White-label validator nodes are non-custodial (you keep your keys private), fully maintained/monitored, run at 99.9% uptime and have manual-failover built-in, eliminating double-signing. Blockdaemon’s market leading node performance is focused on meeting the high demands of large institutional banks, custodians and exchanges. Protecting the assets is critical to Blockdaemon and to mitigate risk we’ve established slashing insurance, provided by Marsh.

Scope of Work

Our team’s experience and expertise with setting up and managing multiple blockchain nodes qualify us for success in the Solana validator role. Ubik Capital has supported Solana , participating in the Dry Run, Tour de Sol, Soft Launch Phase, and Mainnet Beta networks.

Our Solution

We helped the client in offering non-custodial staking services, personal support, and tools for a variety of thoroughly vetted public Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Staking Facilities supported Solana ever since its' inception:  participated in every testnet, as well as TourDeSol and provided liquidity as one of the top market makers on Binance to help bootstrap the ecosystem. 

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