CoinZoom is an institutional-grade digital currency trading platform. It offers services in buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other top digital currency pairs

Scope of Work

As a part of the statement of work (SOW) between CoinZoom and Oodles Technologies, we were required to provide the following deliverables: 


  • Re-design the UI used by CoinZoom exchange
  • Provide full backend development with Bitgo integration
  • Support 10 Coins in MVP
  • Set up of AWS infrastructure for the development and test servers
  • Working exchange platform for mobile and web application;
  • Admin section for managing the Exchange platform

Our Solution

We have “done this before” in foreign exchange markets and are using our know-how to build a reliable, safe, compliant, and innovative digital currency exchange. Oodles Technologies provided consulting design and implementation of the project.


  • Order Processing Services for checking all conditions and rules required for each order
  • Order Services that stored data in DB [Mysql]
  • Order Matching and Execution Services
  • Order Book Services 
  • Trade Services to be used as a ticker for executed trade
  • Metadata Services to store metadata
  • Account Services with IdentityMind for the KYC update, bank information update, and other personal information and settings
  • Wallet Services with Bitgo integration to manage all the information regarding the finances
  • Blockchain Services with Bitgo integration for scenarios requiring blockchain deposit and withdrawal from outside the system is required.
  • Log Aggregator Service to broadcast its logs and user activity to a message queue
  • Log and Activity Ticker Services to broadcast the logs and activity to different teams
  • Authentication & Authorization Service for authentication and authorization purpose
  • Liquidity Provider Services to add liquidity from the third party
  • Trade Chart Service with ChartIQ to create the trade data for candlestick graphs from the Order Book database and save it in the trade chart database.

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