BodyPassport is a OpenCV and Unity based mobile application that creates a 3D model constructed based on the parameters  passed by OpenCV, which should act as the digital representation of the user. Then the user can start choosing amongst different sporting articles to have a feel of how they'll look in real life.

Scope of Work

Body Passport sought our development services to improve their application’s user adoption and performance by creating an application for Android/IOS devices. The application had the following challenges - 

  • Create a Wardrobe system for cloth changing 
  • Captures photos and get the measurements of the body from the photos
  • Creates an avatar according to the measurements.
  • Creates the flow to get the skin tone of the user's skin.

Our Solution

Our team of Unity Developer, Python Developer, and backend developers analyzed the client’s existing SaaS application including its architecture to fulfill the project requirements. The team used the following technologies Unity and OpenPose to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables-

  • Create an E-Dressing platform, mainly targeted towards sporting peripherals.
  • The user is able to take photos from an exclusively made mobile application with the Unity Engine. 
  • The photos along with several other attributes are sent to the web-based backend written in PHP with the help of the WordPress framework. 
  • The WordPress driven backend then stores the image, while sending the same attributes to the ML-based backend.
  • The ML-based backend utilizes OpenCV and Openpose to deduce the features, such as the height, width, etc,.
  • From there the data is sent back to the frontend and a 3D model of the person is constructed and then the user can choose dresses to try on.
  • The frontend application will show the exact measurement of your body and you can try cloth from the list.
  • generated extract the features of various body parts, facial features, and the foot.

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