An Ultimate ERP based Task Planning Application, "KAIROS" incorporates some advanced task and shift planning workflows. It helps organizations deliver different types of services on time and saves huge on their cost and resources. The workflow is designed to plan as many as thousand of tasks everyday. It is an extensive application with some high end functionalities to deal with complex task requirements and staff management. The 4K-based application is able to handle excessive information and data for flawless operations. This is an extensive application that primarily deals with: Task Planning (Advanced task planning with on the go task creation and scheduling ) Instantshift Planning Bulk Citizen Data Management Multiple Organisation Data Management Cross-Organization Task lanning

Scope of Work

Kairos would become a SAAS based self rostering application which would facilitate the user to plan their shifts for the days to come by themselves, which would be governed by various dynamic users like Managers, Planners, Country Admin etc.

Our Solution

The system now entails the ability to create various Organisations and their Units in a country providing different services. The various users are differentiated by their access and roles in the system and their eligibility to plan and perform tasks/activity based on their skills, expertise, and employment; for which they are paid out in cash or earned via Timebank, which could also be encashed.

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