SecureNow - Web Application

SecureNow Insurance Broker Private Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company who can sell both life and general insurance.

The project includes a public facing website and a Policy and Asset Management(PAM) Portal.

Website provides all available policy and insurance options which allows a user to Request for a Quote by providing relevant details for the chosen policy.

For a user that Requests for a Quote, the request details are forwarded to various insurers, who can provide with their own quote.

This in effect starts the bidding process, where the insurers can bid and the insurer with the lowest quote + benefits wins, meaning the same quote is suggested to the user.

A basic chat system is also integrated into the system where the Insurers can communicate with the SecureNow team.

The system, built upon Groovy and Grails with MySQL at the backend, with the domain modelling performed by the team exactly depicts the hierarchy being followed in their Organisation, with teams and supervisors created and the same being assigned to the employees to make all the processes as streamlined as possible.

After a lead/prospect is added to the system, the same is assigned to a team/supervisor/employee by the admin, who can then follow-up with them (Initial Enquiry, Quotes Submitted, Data received, won/lost).

After the user purchases a policy from us, the lead/prospect is converted to a client, and is made to go through the usual process of authentication, asked to set a password for himself to access the portal.

For authentication purposes, we use Spring Security Grails Plugin, which is a de facto for integrating authentication in a Java Enterprise Applications.

The system also has a multitenant architecture, since most of the clients are top Corporates, multiple managers could be created account for the same client to manage the policies.

A Quartz plugin is also installed to perform scheduled jobs to send to the clients a Policy Renewal email(sent via Mandrill) from the system, 7 and 15 days prior to renewal date.

We manage the system performance using Grails Melody plugin(which integrates Java Melody system monitoring tool into grails application), which provides us with great insights and helps us to enhance the system performance to a great extent.

An excerpt from the plugins’ documentation:

The goal of JavaMelody is to monitor Java or Java EE applications servers in QA and production environments. It is not a tool to simulate requests from users, it is a tool to measure and calculate statistics on real operation of an application depending on the usage of the application by users.

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