FMS Gift Card| Service-hub | Stage 2

FMS gift card module helps admin to generate gift cards according to user's purchase and send gift cards to users' mail. The user then can redeem that coupon on brand's website and get discount on their purchases. They can also buy gift cards as well of various brands to get discount and rewards on brand websites.

Scope of Work


The client wanted to create a Gift card Module in which the customer will get a gift card according to their purchase and redeem it on the website.


Our Solution


We have created a gift card module in which we generate a voucher and send that to the customer. We have different types of products according to their brand and seller voucher design and QR code/Bar code is also generated differently for all. We have the feature of ACL so that different types of admin can access their assigned roles only. Our team has integrated features of bulk upload products, voucher design, and other required functionalities.


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