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Scope of Work

The goal of the FMS Gift Card Module project was to develop a comprehensive solution that enables administrators to generate and manage gift cards based on users' purchases.  The objective was to enhance the customer experience by introducing a seamless gift card system that rewards and engages users, ultimately driving sales and brand loyalty.

Our Solution

The technologies used for this project include PHP, MySQL, Magento, API, and Java, ensuring a robust and feature-rich gift card module to improve the customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

For the FMS Gift Card Module project, our comprehensive solution included the following key features and services:

  • Gift card generation, enabling personalized rewards for customers.
  • Email distribution, ensuring a convenient and efficient process for redemption.
  • Brand customization, with each having a unique voucher design and QR code/barcode generation.
  • Access control, ensuring that different admin roles can access and manage their assigned tasks exclusively.
  • Integrated a feature for bulk uploading products, simplifying the management of a large number of items.

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