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Whatslively is a music app which gives you an opportunity to experience the magic of Live Music like never before. The app keeps you up to date with the latest gigs, concerts and musical events happening in your area or city. Never miss a single gig, see your favorite bands and artists performing live. The app gives you personalised concert alerts based on your choice of music and your favorite musicians. Yes, the app knows exactly what you kind of music you like. Cool, isn’t it? But you might be wondering how it does that. The app scans your music playlists to find out what you like to listen. It regularly scans your playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and sends you personalized alerts so that you never miss a thing! It also lets you plan for upcoming gigs by inviting your friends. So all in all, Whatslively is an amazing app for all the music lovers which helps them connect and spread the magic of music never experienced before. Oodles Technologies has provided technical assistance to the makers of Whatslively. We have assisted the makers of Whatslively in accomplishing following tasks. Designing the Live Concerts and Venue Details screen Implementing filter functionality in the “Explore All Gigs” screen Adding event status functionality and options related to ticket purchase and Venue Map. Adding functionality to invite friends and personal contacts for upcoming gigs.

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