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Pando project facilitates distributed streaming engine mechanism by connecting an individual computer to the network of the project. There is also the provision of rewards for being in the Network and doing the job like PON reward and POE reward. Apart from it, we had to develop a web app, ios, and android app also for the same.

Scope of Work

Scope of Work contains building the following:

  • Rametron for different platforms/OS
  • PON Reward
  • POE Reward
  • Video Transcoding and server through IPFS
  • Video Streaming
  • Comment, Like, Dislike, Emotes features, etc

Our Solution

Our seasoned developers built tangible decentralized video streaming solutions using IPFS and Antmedia.  We developed an OS-specific application called Rametron which will behave like a node in the network and act as the user interface. Moreover, we have developed a web app, and a mobile app for video streaming. A backend application is developed to handle PON and POE data and their respective rewards and their distribution.

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