Capgrid is an integrated one-stop platform that revolutionizes the sourcing and procurement ecosystem for direct materials, with a specific focus on the automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. As an end-to-end source-to-deliver company, CapGrid utilizes its AI-enabled sourcing platform, which encompasses a vast network of over 30,000 manufacturers and their comprehensive capability intelligence. By leveraging this powerful technology, CapGrid has successfully simplified and streamlined the sourcing and procurement process, significantly reducing complexity for leading auto manufacturers and enabling them to procure precision components more efficiently  

Scope of Work

Our team objective for CapGrid involves creating a centralized platform where customers, representing manufacturing companies like IFB, can raise part requests. Suppliers will then add their parts to the CapGrid platform. CapGrid will act as an intermediary between customers and suppliers, facilitating communication and collaboration. Customers can provide part specifications to CapGrid, and CapGrid will request suppliers to design the part based on those specifications. The goal is to streamline the part-sourcing process, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate and customized part designs for the customers.


Our Solution

Our team worked on this project and is committed to continuously enhancing the platform with additional features and functionalities to further support and optimize the website and business operations of CapGrid. Here are the key points highlighting the helpfulness of our solution:

  • Dashboard for Admin, Customers, and Suppliers to efficiently manage the procurement process, including part procurement, supplier listing, order fulfillment, and part delivery.
  • Improved Procurement Process to easily request and track part orders, while suppliers efficiently managed their listings and responded to customer requests.
  • Real-time Communication by utilizing APIs, Node.js, and RabbitMQ.
  • Enhanced User Experience with the integration of React.js 

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