Developed on the MEAN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS) full stack web framework for the backend processing and the Admin interface, and we’ve used Titanium on the client side(Android App). This app provides an easy way for people to get notified/reminded of various events/schedules, including but not limited to: Insurance Policy Renewal Medicine Intake Doctor’s Appointment/Reports pickup Bills, Rent Payments Mutual Fund and other investments expiry PAN Card, DL, etc. renewal Also works as a storage for various client documents The reminders added are synced with the local calendar, and reminds you via push notification, calendar event, email, etc. The APIs for client(app) are build in Node.js with MongoDB as the backend database. Built for our client SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd., this service is primarily created as a Value Added Service for the companies/organisations who have already bought Insurance policies for their employees, and the web interface built completely on AngularJS, is accessible by HR managers of the same organisations. The HR managers can upload their policy related excel documents, the system extracts(build using npm xlsx module) data from the doc and is stored in the backend MongoDB, along with a view generated for the HR manager for performing various operations on the data, including sending welcome emails to get the users on board, sending Push Notifications to users, etc. This app is also available for general usage and is available on Google Play Store, which allows a user to register and add personal data, including but not limited to, Insurance data and renewal reminder, medicine intake daily reminders etc. The personal data of the user is always safe with us, and never exposed to the manager of the organisation. Hence, the users can not only manage the policies from their current employer, but can also manage personal data, outside of the current network. Available freely for anyone to use, a storage cum notification tool to manage your insurance policies, standing bills, medical appointments, investments, etc. The app would help store important documents and sync expiry dates with your calendar. So, next time you do not forget to pay an important bill or doctor visit.

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