BODY+ is a free self-help program specifically designed to address concerns related to body image, with the goal of reducing overconcern, improving body dissatisfaction, and enhancing the overall quality of life. Our team offered BODY+ a comprehensive treatment approach that encompasses both the BODY+ website and the BODY+ smartphone application. The BODY+ website offers a structured curriculum with six weekly modules, equipping users with valuable skills to challenge unhelpful thoughts, manage emotions, and modify behaviors associated with body image. BODY+ offers a holistic and accessible approach to support individuals on their journey toward a healthier relationship with their bodies.  

Scope of Work

Our goal is to develop and implement the BODY+ app, which serves as a crucial component of the comprehensive BODY+ treatment approach. The app focuses on electronic self-monitoring surveys, completed in real-time, to provide users with insights into their behavior patterns related to body image concerns. Our work involves designing and developing the BODY+ app to ensure seamless survey completion and real-time analysis. The app will identify opportunities for users to apply the skills they learn from the BODY+ website in coping with overconcern and dissatisfaction with body image. By integrating self-monitoring, analysis, and skill application.



Our Solution

Our team was delighted to have been a part of this project, providing a comprehensive solution to improve body image and well-being. The team was thrilled to have assisted in enhancing the website's functionality and the overall treatment experience for users and offering them:

  • Used Flutter for mobile app development, Laravel for the backend, and MySQL and PHP for the database management
  • Integrated solution offering a holistic approach 
  • Developed a series of weekly modules
  • Incorporated a designated period between modules where users can practice the skills and strategies learned in a therapy session
  • Added toolbox function 
  • Incorporated JITAI(Just In Time Adaptive Intervention), which delivers individually tailored interventions.


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