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Paritex is a customized cryptocurrency exchange solution developed on top of the existing unstable version of Scaffold Exchange. Paritax wanted to provide a platform where users can sell and buy the cryptocurrencies in the Turkey region.

Scope of Work

The client gave the challenge to prepare a highly scalable and efficient system that can handle requests of large numbers of users. The time to market was very less (3-4 weeks) and developing it on an unstable version with the following requirements was another challenge itself. 


  • Fastest verification process
  • Buy/Sell cryptocurrency on fair prices
  • Allowing the users to get the BuyBack Amount at the lowest risk possible
  • Win-Win situation for both the users and admin

Our Solution

We took the Microservice Architecture approach to provide a scalable and efficient system that can handle millions of requests. As the project is in the development stage, we hope to deliver it on time successfully. Meanwhile, the following functions have been developed.


  • Integration of components like Elasticsearch, Kafka, Redis for various operations
  • Development of Log Analytics Service for data analysis 
  • Multi-Device, Multi Login functionality integration with Redis
  • Highly efficient Order Placing and Matching with Kafka
  • Followed the Honeycomb approach 

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