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Bhaasha is a platform that leverages robust technologies to access the right interpreter at the right time and place in order to enable communication across language and cultural barriers. It provides every person the equal opportunity for basic health, social, education, and judicial services.

Scope of Work

Bhaasha needed our team to improve their application’s user adoption and performance at development level. The application had the following challenges - 

  • Export service took too much time
  • Inefficient query execution
  • Employee onboarding delays
  • Needed to improve code optimization
  • Needed to work on daily basis issues/tasks
  • Needed to work on requester application

Our Solution

Our team of developers analyzed the client’s existing application including its Spring architecture to fulfill the project requirements. The team used a technology stack consisting of Spring 2.5.2, PostgreSQL, and Hibernate to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables-

  • Added new dependencies to upgrade to Spring 2.5.2
  • Optimized query-ability
  • Optimized code base
  • Worked on issues/tasks provided by client
  • Worked with requester application
  • Tested Interpreter application on daily basis

Tech Stack:

  • Spring 2.5.2
  • PostgreSQL
  • Hibernate

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