Built with Groovy & Grails on the backend, AngularJS on the front end, with MySQL as the underlying database, and deployment on OpenShift. SurveyMyApp gets your app in front of users and rewards them for providing you with beneficial and actionable feedback. You can add your apps to your account with an option to directly get the app data from the Store URL(the application fetches the details from the Stores using Store URL). Using that app, you can create a survey where you can upload various relevant questions regarding the app, upload app icons and screenshots to get users feedback on the same, and also ask the user for various keywords they can use to search for this app. Using the surveys, publishers can create a new campaign and make it live for end users to take the survey and provide their valuable feedback. For the apps added to the account, the system fetches the Store Reviews from various stores and sends the publisher an email of all the store reviews received for their apps. To top-up their account, Paypal is integrated into the system to help users/developers make payments and use our services uninterruptedly. About SurveyMyApp: SurveyMyApp was established to create a better mechanism to communicate with mobile app users. By bridging the gap between the app developer and its users, developers can now improve their apps pre-launch or with each update. As store fronts become more competitive, your app must stand out from the crowd to be noticed. There is no better way to learn how than to ask real users for their opinion.

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