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BlocEdu is an education and content distribution platform that aims to strengthen smart learning experiences by providing global access to quality education.

Scope of Work

We needed to develop a Blockchain decentralized ecosystem with unique content distribution platform features with webinar functionality, live streaming, group calling and chatting, and crypto trade functionalities. 


  • Webinar Management
  • Live Streaming
  • Tutor Profile Section
  • Smart Contract
  • Wallet Management
  • Exchange Integration
  • PSPs Integration
  • JWPlayer Integration
  • Referral Management
  • Dispute Management

Our Solution

We developed this online learning platform for tutors and students. A tutor can schedule a Webinar for educational projects, which can be paid or free. Students can join the same webinar via the BigBlueButton web app. A tutor can live stream education sessions via the OBS server and students can view the same videos. BlockEdu currently enables users to make


  • Live Streaming
  • Webinar Management 
  • BlocEdu TV, a decentralized entertainment and education platform, 
  • Content distribution platform
  • Popular cryptocurrencies trading

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