Indie Rights stands as an independent movie studio, renowned for its distinct approach to creating and sharing films. At their core, they emphasize a personal connection throughout the filmmaking process. Whether you're a passionate movie enthusiast, a filmmaker bringing stories to life, or an individual seeking support to promote your cinematic creations, they invite you to be part of their community. By sharing your email with them, you'll receive their monthly updates that encompass crucial news and updates from their realm. 

Scope of Work

In this project, our goal was to leverage our expertise to create a seamless and engaging digital experience for Indie Rights. Recognizing their commitment to fostering connections within the cinematic community, our objective was to design and develop a comprehensive Web App and Roku TV App that resonates with their ethos. Our focus was on crafting user-friendly interfaces that capture the essence of their dedication to storytelling and collaboration. 

Our Solution

Through this collaboration, our ultimate goal was to provide a digital experience that aligns with Indie Rights' vision and enhances the cinematic journey for their audience.

  • Digital experience enhancement to create a seamless and captivating digital environment for Indie Rights.
  • Web App and Roku TV App development, offering users multiple platforms to engage with Indie Rights' content.
  • User-centric design, ensuring that the user experience reflects their dedication to collaboration and storytelling.
  • Cutting-edge technologies to build the Web App and Roku TV App, ensuring they are equipped with modern features and functionalities.

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