StreamJobs is an innovative Recruitment Solution Company, which organises Video Driven Recruitment. Built using Groovy and Grails with MySQL as the underlying database, and the video creation is done using HTML5 video capture, we’ve also used ffmpeg for video editing and conversion, we’ve also used flash and Red5 player to record and stream videos. StreamJobs is the Recruitment Solution Provider based in the London, UK. It specializes in enabling Organisations in hiring the candidates directly through the help of social media. StreamJobs offers innovative video driven recruitment solution enabling organisations to market their vacancies directly to the candidates with help of social media. Organisations can register themselves, add the company details and branding videos, along with LinkedIn Details. The they can create new Job Videos. Pre roll and post roll images and text could be added to the video to include branding and contact details, as per requirements. The Videos can then be published to social media directly from StreamJobs and the candidates can apply for the respective jobs directly from the Jobs’ Public Page. Integration with LinkedIn is also done to automatically post the New vacancy to the user/organisations’ LinkedIn profile.

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