MyTradie app allows you to quickly and easily search, review and connect to all types of trades from your smartphone. It enables the user to perform the following actions:   Find trades to do work and see what others think of them Discover the availability of various tradies and rate their work

Scope of Work

MyTradie sought our ERP development services to improve their application’s user experience, performance, usability, and accessibility. The application had the following challenges:


  • Inefficient user interfaces
  • Inefficient in-app purchases
  • Inadequate performances for parallel job processing

Our Solution

Our development team formulated a development strategy in-line with the UX guidelines for customer and trader applications. We used Kotlin for their android application and implemented the SQLite database for storing data locally. 


Our team addressed the following requirements of the client:

  • Integrating the customer and trading user side of the application. 
  • Rendering support for two user models and interfaces in a single application
  • Integrating in-app purchases
  • Solving complex problems using a multithreading environment for parallel job processing with enhanced performance

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