The goal of this project is to create an information sharing website that allows users to share their personal data like Loans, Car details, expenses, income, family details, etc. The website will be a platform for users who want to get these details from soem specified userbasse. The website will have a user-friendly interface that enables users to easily create, share, and search for information. Users will be able to create profiles, personalize their experience. The website will have different categories of information, ranging from academic research, Personal details like Ongoing Loans, Vehicle details, Revenue & Expenses, etc. Users will be able to browse these categories and find relevant information on their areas of interest. To ensure the accuracy and credibility of the information, the website will have a moderation system that reviews and approves the content before it is published. Users will be able to report any inappropriate or misleading content, and moderators will take action accordingly. The website will also have a search feature that allows users to search for information by keywords, categories, and tags. Additionally, users will be able to bookmark their favorite articles, follow other users, and receive notifications on new updates and discussions. The website will be built using modern web technologies, including Postgresql, Laravel,Swift, and PHP. It will also use a relational database to store and retrieve information efficiently. The website will be designed to be responsive and accessible on different devices. Overall, the information sharing website aims to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among users from different backgrounds and interests. It will serve as a hub for valuable information that can help individuals, communities, and organizations to learn, grow, and innovate.

Scope of Work

We have created the below Modules for this:

  • Create a User Portal,
  • Supervisors/Representatives Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Payment Gateway
  • Offer section
  • Encrypted Data

Our Solution

Web application where user share all there personal data with application for some ammount and Company representatives can make an offer to buy that data for thier company usage

Admin will Approve and Rejects the companies who register
and can rejects the offers 

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